This directory will feature leading Abutments Products for your easy review and reference.

HI TEC IMPLANTS’ Modular Abutment Set is designed for simplifying prosthetic procedures and saving chair time.
Nobel Biocare offers a full range of temporary, final standard, and final individualized CAD/CAM abutments for all restorative and esthetic needs.
The NobelProcera ASC Abutment has the flexibility to place a screw's access hole between 0° and 25° from the axis of the implant anywhere within a 360-degree radius.
A unique angulated screw channel abutment and tooling system for hybrid restoration.
B&D Dental’s ORIGIN® Custom Implant Abutments are made with titanium blanks using a pre-milled interface, offering technicians precision and cost savings.
The affordable one-piece ORIGIN® Intelligence™ Titanium Custom Implant Abutment is milled on the ORIGIN system in an average of 15 minutes.
Rhein83 USA introduces OT Equator, the newest line of low profile castable and direct implant overdenture attachments.
Rhein83’s OT Equator Line of implant connection abutments offers clinicians a variety of different innovative technical solutions.
Zimmer® Plastic Temporary Abutments allow for expedient and simplified chairside modification, thereby saving clinicians time and money.
The SATURNO™ O-Ring Attachment is a pivoting o-ring for use on existing o-ring ball abutments or o-ring implants.
Solidex customized abutments are FDA 510(K) cleared and 5 million cycle bench tested. The abutments fit with industry standard implants so well that there is virtually no movement.
User-friendly implant system that offers solutions for every removable indication.
The platform-independent SunTech® Implant Abutments from Sun Dental Labs come in titanium, zirconia, and hybrid materials.
TiBase abutments make highly esthetic hybrid abutments with the crown of your choice.
HI-TEC IMPLANTS’ Titanium Base Abutments serve as a connector between CAD/CAM individually fabricated crowns or abutments and the implant.
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