Anesthetics and Anesthesia

This directory will feature leading Anesthetics and Anesthesia Products for your easy review and reference.

20% Benzocaine Gel, Quick onset, and Great-tasting flavors.
Anesthetic tray holds 4 Anesthetic carpules, warming them to body temperature to diminish pain and enhance patient comfort while administering anesthesia.
Darby Brand Lidocaine is an injectable anesthetic with quick onset time.
Made in the USA, the 20% Benzocaine Anesthetic Gel is fast acting with no systemic absorption.
DentalVibe is a cordless, handheld, easy-to-use device designed to reduce the pain and fear associated with the dreaded dental injection for adults as well as children.
Henry Schein brand anesthetics meet all FDA requirements, which allows total flexibility in brand selection.
Anutra is transforming the way in which local anesthetics are buffered and delivered to patients.
Onpharma®´s Local Anesthetic Buffering products allow dentists to deliver pH-neutral local anesthetic injections.
Onpharma Inc.’s Onset® Mixing Pen delivers increased durability and a design that integrates seamlessly with other instruments in the dental operatory.
OraVerse accelerates the return to normal sensation and function for patients who want to avoid unwanted and unnecessary lingering soft tissue anesthesia.
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