Bone Grafting / Tissue Regeneration Materials

This directory will feature leading Bone Grafting / Tissue Regeneration Materials Products for your easy review and reference.

Sunstar's GUIDOR® easy-graft® Alloplastic Bone Grafting System delivers easy handling and eliminates the need for dental membrane in many cases.
Synthes allograft tissue is derived from donated human bone and provides effective clinical outcomes for patients.
AlloOss™ Block and Particulate combines natural collagen and minerals with the bony structure of allograft to promote new bone formation.
Offers improved benefits of BioMend membrane.
Kerr Corporation’s Bioplant® is used to maintain and restore the alveolar ridge in post-extraction tooth-root sockets.
ConFORM™ Resorbable Collagen Membrane is intended for use in oral surgical procedures as a resorbable material to aid in wound healing.
Machined, not metal, Cortical allograft bone pins are an innovative approach to space maintenance.
A comprehensive selection of products for tissue regeneration and treatment planning.
Zimmer’s CurV™ pre-shaped collagen membrane was developed to provide focused bone augmentation.
CK Dental Industries’ DBM Gel is a unique bone graft substitute composed of demineralized bone matrix in a reverse phase medium.
CK Dental Industries’ DBM Putty is a pliable, easy-to-handle, moldable putty made of 100% demineralized cortical bone.
DermaMatrix™ Acellular Dermis is an allograft derived from donated human skin that can be used for the replacement, repair, of soft tissue.
BIOMET 3i’s Endobon® Xenograft Granules provide more options for the regeneration of defects when effective space maintenance is required.
Fast Set Formula and Improved Sanidose™ Syringe Delivery
J. Morita’s Foundation® is a revolutionary bone filling augmentation material for use after teeth extractions.
GEM 21S® Growth-factor Enhanced Matrix allows clinicians to help more of their patients retain their natural teeth.
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