Dentures / Partials

This directory will feature leading Dentures / Partials Products for your easy review and reference.

The process for creating Stratasys’ 3D-printed flexible partials is completely digital, from scanning the patient’s mouth to printing the try-in model.
Heraeus has added four new anterior molds to its Mondial® denture line.
Atlas® Denture Comfort™ eliminates many of the inherent problems associated with o-rings, housings, and acrylic implant denture systems.
The AvaDent XCL-1 denture is a fully-milled, single layer denture with monochromatic teeth
AvaDent Advanced Try-In allows the clinician the opportunity to fine-tune the aesthetic and functional components of an AvaDent Digital Denture.
AvaDent™ Digital Dentures were developed to bring the precision, aesthetics, speed, and profitability of CAD/CAM technology.
The ideal healing appliance for implant cases.
Sterngold Dental’s Round Bar Gold Alloy Riders and Ackermann Riders fit round bars and can be used with the Hader® Bar.
Zirkonzahn’s CAD/CAM Bars software module allows for the manufacture of primary or hybrid bars.
Amann Girrbach America’s Ceramill Motion 2 five-axis wet/dry dental mill handles numerous indications including wax and zirconia one-piece milled bars.
A unique attachment processing material for overdenture cases.
Keller ClearFrame partials utilize a semi-rigid transparent nylon frame with clear clasps and rest seats.
Exclusive to Keating Dental Arts, the Delineator™ is a unique three-in-one device that makes implant diagnostics and placement easier than ever.
Made of a hardened plastic material, DENTSPLY’s Portrait® IPN® denture teeth are able to mimic the gradual wear of tooth enamel while maintaining occlusal integrity and esthetics.
3Shape’s Denture Design™ software brings digital precision and efficiency to a traditionally technique-demanding process.
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