Prophy Angles

This directory will feature leading Prophy Angles Products for your easy review and reference.

The Henry Schein Acclean disposable prophy angles with latex-free short cups feature a gear design that delivers maximum torque and vibration-free operation.
Frustration free disposable trophy angles with consistent power and torque.
Clinpro™ Prophy Angles from 3M™ ESPE™ are specifically designed to meet the needs of hygienists.
Darby Dental's Deluxe Disposable Prophy Angles Fits all standard straight nose cone handpieces.
Disposable Prophy Angles feature high-quality design and construction with a precision-manufactured internal drive mechanism to ensure smooth performance with less vibration, heat and chatter
Pac-Dent Disposable Prophy Angles are designed to ensure each prophy procedure would require only one angle to finish.
NUPRO® revolve® Prophy Angles deliver smooth performance for superior polishing results, and are designed for even paste application and splatter-free performance.
Pac-Dent’s Pink products were created to support breast cancer research and awareness.
Pivot NL angle cups are designed to be softer, more elastic, and more like natural rubber.
Sunstar America introduces the next generation of prophy angles. Prophyciency is an easy to use, disposable product that cleans teeth faster and more effectively than leading brands, no paste required.
Sparkle Prophy Angle is a disposable, latex-free prophy angle with a non-slip contour to reduce hand fatigue and micro-traumas.
Dental EZ’s Titan® Five Star Prophy Angle features a controlled speed to reduce prophy paste ‘spin-off,’ a field replaceable cartridge, and is compatible with Titan® 3 and Titan® T systems.
The first and ONLY ergonomically designed angle that provides a 90° reciprocating “back and forth” rotating motion for continuous contact with non-stalling controlled pressure and pressure on tooth surface.
Ultradent’s Ultrapro® Tx disposable prophy angles feature a smooth-running, quiet gear design.
From Sultan Healthcare, the patented Upgrade® disposable prophy angle with beveled gearing generates less heat, noise and vibration providing improved comfort and less hand fatigue than traditional angles.
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