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Learn more about the Universal Digital Radiography system for Intraoral Formats!

ScanX Swift View provides a new standard for Digital X-Rays. Learn more about the Universal Digital Radiography System for Intraoral Formats!


Learn more about the advantages of an all-digital workflow!

Go behind the scenes with intraoral scanning!

More clinicians have adopted intraoral scanning as their preferred method of impression taking. Learn more about intraoral scanning with this video!


Growth Factor Enhancement to Improve Implant Outcomes

Advantages of using PRP and PRF therapies for implant patients.


Learn more about the advantages of moving from analog to digital!

What are the advantages to going digital?

This blog post by Formlabs explores the advtanges to switching to digital and the best strategies for getting started. 


Learn more about this survey of literature to find out how digital technology has impacted prosthodontics!

How has digital technology impacted prosthodontics?

The American College of Prosthodontists published this survey of literature, with a broad range of topics including intraoral and extraoral scanning accuracy.

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