Resource Center | Infection Control


Learn more about waterborne pathogens and their characteristics.

What do you need to know about waterborne infections?

Earn 2 CE credits from this course designed to increase your IQ about contaminated water, infections transmitted in healthcare environment, and characteristics of pathogens. 


Learn more about how the role of an Infection Control Coordinator could help!

How can you integrate an Infection Control Coordinator into your practice?

Marie Fluent discusses the roles of an Infection Control Coordinator in a variety of practices. 


Learn more about this app designed to assess your staff's infection control practices!

Have you tried this app?

The CDC DentalCheck is an infection prevention and control checklist app designed to help the infection prevention coordinator and other staff to assess the status of their adminsitrative policies and practices. 


Earn 4 CEU from this helpful eBook!

How can you prevent contamination?

Earn 4 CEU credits with this eBook aimed at bringing you up to speed on current best practices!


How complaint is your office when it comes to hand hygiene?

How is your hand hygiene protocol?

Marie Fluent, DDS, discusses hygiene compliance in healthcare settings, and the multimodal approach to improving hand hygiene compliance.

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