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Learn more about how dental lasers can save time and money!

How can lasers save you time and money?

Joshua Weintraub presents two cases that highlight the advantages of lasers over traditional instruments. 


Learn more about maximizing your laser technology!

Don't just use the laser for plug-and-play!

Successful lasers practitioners get the most out of their lasers because they learn how to use them more effectively. 


Learn more about buying refurbished equipment before you invest!

Learn more about buying refurbished dental equipment.

Buying refurbished equipment provides an alternative to buying expensive equipment, if you are just starting out or replacing existing equipment. 


Learn more about ergonomic postures and tips!

Why is good ergonomic equipment not enough?

Dr. Bethany Valachi provides ergonomic techniques that will help you avoid painful positions, valuable how-to tips for adjusting your equipment, and effective aids for patient comfort and operator posture. 


Learn more how Dr. Stan Lowrance built his practice!

What does your end game look like?

Design Ergonomics & Ergonomic Products presents the story of Dr. Stan Lowrance, who explains how he went from a small operatory to his own building.

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