Whole You Nexteeth™

Whole You™

Our precise-fitting dentures are designed using advanced technology for a more satisfying experience. Many denture users struggle with ill-fitting products and countless office visits. Whole You Nexteeth eliminates these issues by innovating the custom denture fabrication process.

The patented, multi-functional Whole You DENTCA Tray for Nexteeth allows impressions and bite registration to be taken in one visit. Combined with CAD/CAM processes plus advanced materials, Whole You Nexteeth takes denture quality to the next level.

Accurate Design
Patented Whole You DENTCA Tray impressions and measurements are combined with CAD technology to create an accurate design.

Thinner Palate
Our milling process fabricates dentures with a thinner palate that are more comfortable and deliver a better overall eating experience.

Enhanced Durability
We fabricate Whole You Nexteeth from an advanced resin material for durability.

Easy Cleaning
Every set of Whole You Nexteeth is crafted with a special coating for easy cleaning and care.

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